As a young boy of 10 in the mid sixties, and having some time on my hands one Saturday, I decided to walk from our house near Keilor Road to the Airport.

There was no freeway in those days – it was only Lancefield Rd. So I simply skipped across it!

The Airport terminal was a cool place to visit, especially without your parents. As expected the terminal was teeming with people flying in and out of Melbourne and you could go up on the observation deck in those days and check out the planes. Inside the terminal there were interesting shops and kiosks selling everything to aid the traveller.

I happened to be near the newsagent, when who did I see but Killer Kawolski one of the wrestlers on TV! This is unbelievable I thought to myself, but a moment later I saw Skull Murphy, another wrestler! I stood and waited for the inevitable fracas but alas it didn’t happen.

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