My father flew Jean Burns on her record-breaking flight

My grandfather, Howard K Morris, worked and flew as a pilot at Essendon Airport in the 1930s. This included as the pilot that flew Jean Burns on her record-breaking youngest female parachutist in 1939!

Below is a¬†photo is of a De Havilland DH50 “Southern Cross Midget”. My grandfather is pictured on the left of the three gentlemen.

My father and uncle were also frequent visitors with their father to Essendon Airport. In the photos, one is of my father, Eric A Morris Jnr, in the Flying Flea.

The photo with both my father and uncle, Howard R Morris, is in the Jitterbug. The Jitterbug was designed and built by my grandfather. The second Jitterbug photo is set with a Comper Swift in the background.

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