Circa 1973/4 I worked for Kwikasair's air freight division - an Australian logistics company established in 1958.

I was a loadmaster for “Tassie Freight”, which travelled Essendon to Launceston each evening from Monday through to Friday. 

Kwikasair used two unique Bristol Freighters, where the nose opened out for loading the freight straight in. 

The freight would be collected at the Kwikasair depot in the city and trucked out to Essendon Airport (by me) for loading each evening. A part of my role was to remain at the hanger for 45 minutes after departure in case the flight had to return to Essendon due to weight or aircraft issues, and the freight would need to be taken to Ansett freight at Tullamarine instead. Any excess freight over and above the load limits each night would also be taken to Ansett freight at Tullamarine.

I later gained my PPL and was also the President of the Townsville Aero Club many years later.

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