You had to collect the tops of 24 packets of Cornies (a breakfast cereal of the time) and then send them off to Ansett at the airport with your contact details.

Coming from a tiny town in regional VIC called Thornton, and one of 9 children, this was the highlight of one little girls life.

I was Glenda Brown back then. Born in 1944, poor and living in an old hall which was rented and beyond freezing! Yet my mum still managed to buy a packet for Cornie’s every fortnight until I collected the 24 tops that I needed.

After entering successfully I was randomly selected at just 10 years old to win a trip to fly out of Essendon Airport and over Melbourne in an Ansett plane!

When the day finally came I was sick with nerves. My whole family packed up into the car and drove to the big smoke for the big day. My brother Bill was cross as he didn’t get to go, yet me helped me eat all the Cornies!

Glenda’s video story coming soon. 

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