My dad worked for Ansett in one of the hangers that is still at Essendon Airport!

I drive past that hangar every day and I think of my dear dad.

I remember as a child going to the Christmas party and Santa Claus arriving in a helicopter.

I also have a nice memory of my dad giving me a handmade Ansett aeroplane – unfortunately I have since lost it but I always think about that plane and the joy it brought.

I hold close the memories of moving to Tullamarine into our new house as a family. Back when when they were busy transporting aeroplanes and other bits and pieces between Essendon Airport and the new ‘Melbourne Airport’.

And memories of Essendon Airport in the 70s when my aunty and uncle came back from holidays overseas. Walking across the tarmac with my mum shouting out to her brother to be careful.

These memories warm my heart.

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