The Second World War highlighted the importance of Essendon Airport and its contribution to the war effort, which eventually led to it becoming a base for military aircraft construction and repair.

In 1944, Sydney architect, Arthur Baldwin, designed two hangars at Essendon Airport which were constructed to house the production and repair of Beaufort Bombers by the Department of Aircraft Production. Beaufort Bombers were an important part of the RAAF aerial arsenal during WW2 after it was agreed by the British RAF that the plane would also be manufactured in Australia.

In 1945, a victory air show was held at Essendon Aerodrome to celebrate the end of the second world war, which highlighted the important role played by the Beaufort Bombers.

After the second world war both buildings 83 and 85 were retained even after production of Beaufort aircraft ended, and taken over by Trans Australian Airlines (TAA).

In present time, both iconic brick buildings are well known to thousands of commuters everyday, facing the Tullamarine freeway. Building 85 hosts the Royal Flying Doctors Service of Victoria, YMCA Victoria and Aviation Australia.

In 2020 point of sale and payments provider Verifone, took a long lease in the historic Building 83 which has been comprehensively converted into modern office space. Active Utilities and Work Safe Victoria also call the building home.

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