A bright eyed kid in 1968 at just 4 foot 11 inches in stature, walking in from the tram at the tender age of 16 years old to become an Aircraft Mechanic with TAA.

At just 4 foot 11 inches in stature, I grew 5 inches in my first and second year of my apprenticeship.

Just down from the terminal was TAA’s catering department. I recall that the female staff wanted to keep me as a pet! After getting off the TAA bus from the city at the terminal, I remember walking past them daily, down to TAA workshops 6 and 7. Now ‘LaMania’.

Seven years with TAA and then 17 years with the DCA Flying Unit. When the Flying Unit downsized, Crabtree Aviation was born, servicing any and all Aircraft that came through the hangar doors.

Thirty years whizzed by for me and Crabtree Aviation has since been sold to GAM. Another year passed since then and you guessed it – still working on Aeroplanes.

That’s my story.

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