Essendon Fields is on track to reach its ambitious plan of planting 10,000 new trees by the time of the much-anticipated centenary celebrations in August – currently sitting at 9,600.

The 10,000 trees project, a critical plank to the sustainability program being undertaken across EF, is being managed by award winning landscaping company Super Gardens.

Super Gardens have been providing grounds maintenance and landscape upgrades to Essendon Fields since 2002, helping create and maintain a multi-award-winning landscaped precinct. In fact in 2018 Super Gardens won Victoria’s best commercial landscaping award for their work.

Adam Strathairn, General Manager – Aviation Services at Super Gardens, believes Essendon Fields has become the perfect example of how best to manage a fast-growing business precinct and create an environment which is attractive to employees, tenants and visitors through investing in the surrounding landscape.

“Super Gardens aims to continue to deliver the highest standards of garden and turf maintenance at Essendon Fields that creates a long-term sustainable landscape, while also initiating new green spaces for all employees and tenants now and into the future,’’ Adam Strathairn said.

With the help of Super Gardens, Essendon Fields also harvests rainwater from the roofs of aircraft hangars, redistributing to an on-site tree farm and around the precinct. With over 1 million litres of rainwater storage currently in place, and the planting of drought tolerant and low maintenance landscaping, efficient and sustainable water use is also a focus.

“We pride ourselves on continually innovating and providing best practice maintenance. For example, we conducted a recent trial of autonomous mowers, which we believe can be part of the future. Ultimately, Super Gardens aims to continue growing the vision from the owners of Essendon Fields to have the best presented business park in Australia,’’ he said.

Super Gardens is also an important tenant at Essendon Fields in its own right – using it as a base for 60 of the companies 200 employees who manage landscaping projects across the entire north-west region of Melbourne. The team are also particularly looking forward to the upcoming 100 year anniversary of Essendon Airport because it acknowledges a rich history and an exciting future.

“We have a very strong relationship with Essendon Fields dating back to 2002. We understand the Essendon Fields environment and we’re excited to know we’ll continue to improve its high quality, sustainable and award-winning landscape.  Our commitment to technology and innovation will provide the impetus to carry these standards into the future,’’ said Adam Strathairn.

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